So you have a Secret Santa thing going down at work but what do you buy?

It needs to be something fun, something useable (otherwise it’s a totes waste of dosh) and something affordable.

Instead of wracking your brain for the perfect gift idea, get a mug.

Trust us.

Everyone drinks, thus everyone will have use for a mug and with a comedy slogan on the front you can let the world know that you have a sense of humour to be envied.

So to make life easy, we have trawled the internet for the best comedy mugs that would make the perfect gift for anyone in the office. So put your feet up, have a read and let’s nail this Secret Santa thing together.


1. Lionel Rich Tea Mug


Everyone loves the 80s legend that is Lionel Richie. Everyone loves the simple but satisfying biscuit Rich Tea. So one can hypothesise that everyone will love this Lionel Rich Tea mug. As puns go, this is up there as one of the all-time greats. You are sure to raise a smile on the face of your lucky gift recipient with this beauteous mug and it’s under a fiver too! Brilliant!

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2. Game Over Mug


Your buying for the dude who loves his console. He can’t play it at work, but surely this is the next best thing? He can fill his mug with a coffee (a Perk Coffee of course!) and lose himself in an imaginary world of pixels until the last sip where he is greeting with the phrase all gamers dread ‘game over’. It may seem harsh but all coffee breaks have to come to an end, so this is not only a mug, it’s an important life lesson!

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3. Geometric Copper Mug


We know this one isn’t funny, but sometimes only a sophisticated gift will do. This copper mug with a geometric personalised design is so on trend it hurts. It ticks a lot of boxes and if the aim of the gift buying is to impress, then this beauty will earn you plenty of brownie points.

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4. Fox Mug


All these years you thought they were saying something else didn’t you? Well this mug proves that the missing word is always and most definitely ‘fox’. This mug is perfect for anyone who is prone to the odd expletive as it acts as a reminder to pronounce the word properly that they have been saying incorrectly for their whole life.

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5. Shh Mug


This mug is perfect for the person who can’t function without the optimum level of Perk coffee in their system. So, it’s perfect for everyone then! Boom. Click it. Buy it. Job done.

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There you have it! Happy Secret Santa from everyone at Refresh Perk!


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