We are taught as children that sharing is good.

We cannot deny there are obvious benefits to sharing; it can make society a fairer place and ensures that people in need don’t go without. In these situations we don’t have a problem with sharing. In fact, we actively encourage it.

However on some levels, we do have a problem with sharing.
Picture the scene: It’s about 10.30am, you have worked non-stop all morming and you decide to grab a bag of M&Ms from the vending machine. You didn’t have time for breakfast and there are still several hours before lunch, so this bag of M&M’s is really making your mouth water. You’ve earned these sugar coated chocolatey peanuts. You deserve them.

You open the pack and you are about to pop a few in your mouth when all of a sudden Carl pops up next to you for a ‘chat’. You see straight through his small talk and you know he is after some M&M action. You reluctantly hold the open bag in his direction whilst uttering the words ‘would you like one?’
He scoops out an ample handful and is on his way.
We say enough is enough. Stand your ground and shout “ I SAID ‘ONE’ CARL!”
It might not win you any friends, but you’ll definitely be able to enjoy more of your hard earned M&Ms and sometimes, that is more important.