Here at Perk we are proud believers in beach.

We know that whatever time of the year it is, however grey and drizzly it is outside all we have to do is take a sip of Rubicon and we will be transported straight back to summer.

The exotic flavour feels like sunshine and if you close your eyes you can almost feel the waves on lapping gently at your toes… yep, we believe in beach alright, and it seems that you guys do too.

How do we know this?


We’ve started stocking Mango Still Rubicon and you guys can’t get enough of it. We put it in our machines and you take it straight out.

In fact, we bet even as you read this you are sipping a can of the delicious, exotic summery nectar as your imagination frolics happily in the surf.

If you haven’t yet sampled the utter deliciousness of Mango rubicon what are you waiting for? 14 million UK consumers can’t be wrong…. and everyone loves a bit of beach.

Look out for Mango Still Rubicon in a Perk Machine near you.