There are times in every working day which are, let’s face it, boring.
Maybe you’re on hold to a customer and the tinny rendition of greensleeves you’re listening to isn’t filling you with joy..

Maybe it’s raining so you’ve decided to take your lunch break at your desk…

Maybe it’s 5.23pm and you have finished all your work for the day and you are just waiting for the clock to tick through 7 more minutes so you can go home.

Whatever the cause, whatever the reason, there’s no denying that ‘boredom’ plays a part in everyone’s day.

This needn’t be so. If everyone followed our advice, took a few simple steps and used a little imagination, we would all soon forget the meaning of the word ‘boredom’

So… quickly nip to the vending machine, stock up on a few goodies, come back to your desk, carry on reading this and we’ll show you what we mean:

1. Make a Crisp Person.

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All you need is a crisp, a pen and a piece of paper… the rest is up to you.

Here’s our attempt at a quaver waver, a quaver shaver with an impressive moustache and a couple of walkers talkers! The possibilities are endless and they take seconds to create. You never know, this could be your true calling in life so you’d be foolish not to give it a try.
2. Pimp your Perk.

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In your spare time you love a bit of craft. You have boxes full of glitter, fancy paper and beads and you like nothing more than spending your time putting your crayons in rainbow order. Don’t feel ashamed. A creative mind is something to be celebrated. We suggest channeling your creative energy into pimping your Perk. Grab a coffee, drink what’s inside and let your imagination run riot!! For the more organised amongst you, use your coffee cup to turn your workspace into something any feng shui master would be proud of and neatly store your pens or channel some chi with a carefully placed perk vase.

3. make some snack-based puns.

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Humans are simple creatures. We like snacks and we like to laugh at puns. As a species, we have been enjoying both for generations. However, we believe that creating something that ticks both these boxes heightens pleasure. A Snack-based pun awakens part of the brain that usually lies dormant. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself… and even if you remained unchanged, you have to admit, it’s a great way to fill your spare time and we enjoyed coming up with our suggestions!

There we have it, you will never need to visit Tediousville again. Now get to work at keeping boredom at bay, take some pics and share them with us…. just don’t let your boss see!