This new product is literally flying out of our machines.
Well, not literally.
It doesn’t have wings.
That would be really impractical and probably cause machine jams but you know what we mean. People are loving this delicious new beverage which is like water only juicier.

It’s the perfect option for those who can’t decide between a water or a juice. Sometimes a juice isn’t thirst quenching enough and sometimes water is too, well… bland. The Juicy Drench ticks all your requirements plus it’s free from articiual sweeteners, colours and flavourings.

With flavours like pear and blueberry and strawberry and lime this is a juicy drink for sophisticated adults. Who wouldn’t feel fancy sipping on a bottle of peach and mango? Here at the Refresh offices we’re most definitely feeling fancy thanks to Juicy Drench… try it for yourself and see what we mean.

Image source: www.brivic.com/our-brands/brands-a-z/drench