This Halloween we’re creepin’ it real at Perk.


We don’t vend Pumpkins (they get stuck in the machines)

Our Coffee beans won’t bestow you with warewolf like powers and no witches, vampires or skeletons are involved in the filling of our machines (except that one time when we were really short staffed)

When presented with the option ‘Trick or Treat’ we go for ‘treat’ every time.

That’s the kind of people we are.


So here’s a list of  just 5 of the many frightfully delicious treats you will find in our machines over the spooky season. Go on! Sink your fangs into something lovely.


  1. Flame Grilled Spanish Chorizo with Roasted Onions


These crisps need no sales pitch or explanation. Just reading the name is enough to make your mouth water.

2. Giant Cookies


These biscuits are big… beautiful… and blummin irresistible!

3. Mars Bar


Like an old friend, a Mars Bar never lets you down. It’s always their when you need it and will always hit the spot.

4. Flapjacks

Choc Chip Flapjack

These choc chip Flapjacks are so popular – and they go perfectly with a cuppa.

5. Fish n’ Chips


Do you remember these from back in the day? Brining back old favourites always goes down well and these salt and vinegar beauties are no exception!
Have a treat-filled, spooktacular halloween everyone.

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