We are loving our new van livery.

However, we don’t love the word ‘livery’. We know what it means. It means swaddle, swathe, drape, guise and the like. But to us, ‘livery’ just sounds a bit too…. meaty.

Which is why we’ve decided to replace the word ‘livery’ with a word full of personality that means beautify, decorate, embellish. We’ve opted for ‘fandangle’.

So, let’s start again;


We are loving our new van fandangle. You have to admit our fandangle is looking pretty darn cool.
We figured that as we are out driving every day, tackling the traffic of Birmingham in order to keep our customers’ caffeine levels topped up, we should be doing it in style.

As a friendly bunch we like to say hello and make as many people as possible smile with our vending services, so if you see our fandangle out and about give us a toot and a wave; it would make our day.


On a separate note, we may as well use this blog to clarify an issue raised by a few of our customers.


As you can see from the photographs, our van fandangle proudly displays a giant frothy cup of coffee. Some customers have expressed their disappointment that the drinks from our machines are not actually that big.
We understand, but you have to admit our standard size coffees are far more practical and will fit in the cup holders in your car. For a coffee as big as our fandangle you would need a roof rack to carry it around and then how would you drink it without an elaborate straw system?

We apologise for any confusion but we promise our ‘normal sized’ coffee packs an abnormally large punch so once you’ve tasted it, we’re pretty sure you’ll be reminded of the old adage ‘size isn’t everything’.

We’ll leave you with another photo of our fabulous fandangle… enjoy! 😉