Millennium Point in Birmingham City Centre has just had a Perky Vending Makeover!

Millennium Point is a busy site bustling with cinema goers, students and museum visitors. These people all have places to go, things to see and stuff to learn so we wanted to make using our machines as quick and easy as possible so they can refuel fast.


With that in mind we provided the following options:

Touch screen technology

Shopping basket style transactions which is great if you are choosing a treat for everyone in the family to take to the cinema!

Meal deal options which is great for saving a few pennies when you want a snack and a drink.

A range of ways to pay including coins, notes, cards, contactless and apple pay.

2016-10-05-14-29-53You have you admit that if you combine all these options with the tasty snacks inside, we’ve put together a pretty irresistible package!


Next time you are passing through Millennium Point take a look!