‘New year, new products’ that’s our motto so you can expect some temptingly tasty new products to land in a Refresh Vending Machine near you.

McCoys Flame Grilled Steak

Open a bag and indulge on ridged crisps of flavoursome loveliness. You won’t be disappointed.
Mini Cheddars BBQ
Mini cheddars are always popular, but Mini Cheddars BBQ are a whole new level. Smoky, savoury cheesiness in abundance is waiting for you.
Jaffa Cakes
Chocolatey, orangey and cakey. We like to think of these irresistible discs as metaphors for life itself… the cake is the toughness that we all have to endure, the tangy orange jelly reminds us of the bittersweet nature of living and the smooth chocolatey covering is the joy we experience everyday.

Oreo Biscuits
Chocolate biscuit with a sumptuous filling, these biscuits are designed for dunking…. They are also dairy-free for all those lactose avoiders out there.


We hope you’ll find something in our machines that makes your January taste wonderful, anything else you’d like to see in there? Get in touch!

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