We did try hiring a marching band to tell you just how delicious the new Raspberry and Cranberry Drench drink tastes… but the baton twiddler is on holiday.

Obviously we approached a town crier hoping he would ring his bell and yell to inform everyone within earshot that this new drink is available in our machines… but he is out of action due to a nasty bout of tonsillitis.

Nearing our wit’s end, we asked a sky writer to let you all know it’s low in sugar… but he remains grounded due to unpredicable weather and a dodger propellor.

Therefore this blog became our best remaining option which is why we are using it to tell you that the New Raspberry and Cranberry Drench is all that and more.

Imagine sipping on spring water sourced from Ballymena in Northern Ireland that’s been expertly blended with a dash of cranberry juice, a smidgen of raspberry juice and a splash of apple juice for good measure. If this mouthwatering flavour combo doesn’t make you drool at the mere mention of it we should also tell you there’s less than 5g of sugar per 100ml! If that’s not a good enough reason to down a bottle immediately we don’t know what is!

Big powerful juices, crisp spring water and NO artificial sweeteners or colourings. It’s like water; only juicier! The New Raspberry and Cranberry Drench. Look out for it in a Perk machine near you!

Raspberry and Cranberrry