It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and you have forgotten to get her a gift. You are seeing her tonight, there’s no time to stop at a shop on your way over to hers, so all you have to work with are the contents of your desk drawer and the vending machine.

Don’t panic.

We have the perfect solution.


  1. Purchase a few snack bars from the Perk vending machine and arrange them in a box. if you have time, print off some personalised wrapping paper and use it to cover the box… we didn’t have time for that but we’re sure mum won’t mind!
  2. Fil the gaps between chocolate bars with flowers made from post it notes.
  3. prepare 3 envelopes; one containing a list of reasons why you love your mum, another containing a list of your favourite memories of time spent with mum and finally some nice photographs printed from your phone. Now, mum’s love photographs but she probably won’t want to see your duck face selfies or your hipster lunches so maybe give those ones  a miss.

There you have it! A really personal present your your mum using a vending machine and the contents of your desk drawer… perfect!