Right, Santa is coming and you are most definitely on the naughty list… apparently he has checked all your Facebook posts and he is NOT impressed with your antics this year.

FEAR NOT! There is still time to avoid a stocking full of coal and earn promotion to the nice list.

All you need to remember that Santa is human too. He has needs. He needs a nice cup of coffee just like you do. He also needs a tasty pick me up when he’s at work to give him the impetus to keep going. After all, he has the toughest delivery job out there.

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So when he comes down your chimney make sure he is greeting by an irresistible Perky treat and you’re sure to get all the presents you wished for.

We suggest a nice Perk Cappuccino with a side of giant cookies and flapjacks. He needs a bit of frothy loveliness to keep him going, but not something as milky as a latte. An espresso wouldn’t be enough for a man like Santa. The elves might appreciate a little caffeine shot, but the Big Man needs something more substantial. You can add sugar if you wish but we think the cookies will provide more than enough sweetness. He can share the deliciously oaty flapjacks between himself and the reindeer and he will soon forget that you were set to receive an order of coal.

He won’t fall for the same trick twice though, so make sure you up your ‘being good’ game in 2017.