History is littered with examples of taxes. In first century AD the Romans taxed urine, Peter the Great taxed beards on Nobles in Russia and the late 18th Century in the UK saw the arrival of the Hat Tax. All tax generally seems to have the same effect…  people use less of whatever is taxed.

Which is why all these years later we will soon see the introduction of a new tax intended to improve the health of the nation; the sugar tax.

Yes that means from April 2018 many of your favourite sweet treats and drinks will cost you more.

Don’t worry though, we are already ahead of the game and are stocking a wide range of sugar free and low sugar products.

From Pepsi Max to Drench juicy waters, Robinsons fruit juices, 7UP light, Lipton Ice Tea, Mountain Dew and all New Tango, we’ve made sure you can be still get the hydration fix you love just with less of the sugar. All these drinks are not affected by the sugar tax and manufacturers have tweaked their recipes and reduced sugar across the board. Limpton Ice Tea for example contains over 30% less sugar than before and the all new Robinson’s Refresh’d has only 2.5g of sugar per 100ml!


We know what you’re thinking. You are thinking that it won’t taste the same.

Well….. research shows otherwise. Thanks to a nifty little ingredient called “Stevia” you can enjoy the flavour without the cavity-inducing calories.

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In fact, taste tests show people actually prefer the low sugar taste!

So there you have it! Your favourite sugary drinks have had a makeover and their new low sugar versions will be available in a Perk Machine near you which saves you pennies as well as calories.