Sorry if you are dieting, but we’ve had a snackcident.

We don’t know how it happened but we’ve started stocking new and utterly irresistible crumbles, flapjacks and cookies.

It’s as if the delicious baked goods took control of our brain and began placing orders with Mobberley Cakes on our behalf.

We are currently investigating the potential mind-controlling ability of these scrummy new snacks but as yet, tests have proved inconclusive. Besides, they taste so good we’re not sure we’re that concerned about them taking over our subconsciousness.


I mean just look at the hypnotic beauty that is the Dotty Top Giant Cookie? If that doesn’t make you happy then nothing will.

White Choc and Raspberry CookieThe white Chocolate and Raspberry Giant Cookie is overwhelmingly scrumptious as are the chocolate chip flapjacks, yoghurt top flapjacks and chocolate caramel flapjacks.

Yoghurt Topped Flapjack Choc Chip Flapjack 

Now you may have read this far and you may be thinking to yourself ‘that’s fine… I’m strong enough to resist the allure of those baked goods’ but there’s one more we are yet to mention which makes even the strongest of dieter go weak at the knees…. The blackcurrant and apple country crumble. The sweet pastry base with apple and blackcurrant jam is topped with a delicious crumble and takes ‘snack time’ to a whole new level.

Blackcurrant and Apple Crumble

So there you have it! Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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