Times are changing.

Technology is increasingly making everyday life sleeker, faster and more efficient and at Refresh Vending, we’re embracing these changes.
We want better…
We want faster…
We want easier…
We know that’s what our customers want too, which is why we pride ourselves on providing the latest in vending technology.
2015-10-15 16.07.17We supply a range of the latest machines with added options like cashless payments and apple pay. Touch screens make your drink selection quick and easy, plus our range of payment choices means you don’t need to carry around a pocket full of change because, let’s face it; contactless is the future.

Well…. only when it comes to payment.

Contact is definitely required when it comes to the bean! No matter how far technology advances there will never be a better version of the coffee bean; our machines use high pressure brewers to optimise flavour and create a drink so good, you won’t believe it’s from a vending machine.

Max Baillie, Director of Refresh said;

“We are not your average vending company. By using brand new equipment containing the latest technology we aim to change customers perception of what vending can be.
Cashless payments, apple pay, touch screen technology and high pressure brewers creating real espresso’s massively enhances the consumers grab-and-go experience”

Combine all that technology with custom built housing designed to impress…..2015-10-15 16.02.43…and it’s easy to see why our customers love what we do.