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Vending is hygienic and available 24 hours a day

It’s a fact that vending is one of the safest and most hygienic ways for your employees to buy food. In addition, buying food on-site means fewer visits to busy food outlets. Here at Refresh Vending we continued working throughout the pandemic, meaning our machines were always well stocked and ready for use; an important factor for key workers on shifts around the clock.

Products are protected from contamination

The reasons why vending is naturally safe and hygienic are:

1) Products are loaded into a machine by one skilled operative following strict safety protocol.

2) Products are stored in a sealed, refrigerated unit, protected from the outside world.

3) The next person to touch a product after it is loaded into the machine is the person who buys it. Food from restaurants and shops is served in a less controlled manner and more people can handle your food.

4) Our delicious, barista-style coffee is served in single use, recyclable cups.

Machines are contact free

It’s not only the products that are more hygienic from a vending machine, using a machine is safer too. It’s quicker and there’s no need for interaction with potential virus carriers.

The Government advise us all to pay with contactless payments during the pandemic. In addition to using contactless card payments, you can also use an APP to select and pay for drinks on your phone.

That’s not all, we have also invested in the latest touch-free drink selection technology. Just hover your finger over the icon you’d like to select and voila! Your freshly ground coffee will be made without you having to touch a thing. We can also install antimicrobial screen covers for added peace of mind. 

So rest assured that at Refresh Vending in these uncertain times we are going above and beyond to keep you and your employees as safe as possible.

To find our more about our VENDSAFE provision, please click here.