Moving from one place to another is totes emosh.

We did a lot of growing and evolving at our old home and we loved every minute of it but the time came for us to expand so ‘Find a New Home’ became the top item on The Perk ‘To Do’ list.

We were searching for a long time to find ‘the one’ and after a couple  of dates we fell in love! Introducing our new home:


Lovely isn’t she?


we’ve been bust doing lots of sprucing and painting and our new warehouse looks great! We can’t wait to fill it with stock.

We’ve built new office space and a show room and we’re enjoying putting our Perk stamp on things… like grass instead of carpet!

bricks2grass carpet

Everyone is beginning to settle into out new home and Phil has even shown he is pretty nifty with a broom. As the last few skips are taken away, the photos are hung on the wall and the protective wrapping is pulled form our new furniture we can\t help feel excited. Like really really REALLY EXCITED!


We can’t wait to show you the properly finished all singing and dancing unit when it’s totally finished, but for now you’ll have to make do with this little sneak peak of our progress so far!