1.25 million bottles of water and energy drinks…

80,000 sore feet….

2000 plasters….

1263 portable toilets…

300 stretchers on stand by…

But only one Refresh Perk employee….

What are we talking about? It can only be the London Marathon 2018 which our very own marathon man Ian managed to complete in a time that puts the rest of us to shame!

After months of training he absolutely smashed it and is even talking about doing it again which we can only assume means the blisters weren’t that painful after all.

the 2018 marathon was the hottest one ever recorded at 24.1 degrees celsius! But did Ian mind? Urm, well, he would have probably preferred it a little bit cooler but he doesn’t give up when the going gets tough; he soldiers on and that’s why the team here at Refresh Perk are so proud of him. He has accomplished something many of us haven’t even contemplated PLUS he also raised over £2500 for Macmillan!

What a legend!

Here are some photos of Ian doing his thing and we think you’ll agree running marathons obviously suit him as even after running 26.2 miles in the sun  (which is around 50,000 steps apparently!) he is looking rather perky and far from worse for wear!


Well done Ian!