The Team - Refresh Vending Coffees

It’s approaching that time again.

You’re flagging, you can’t concentrate and that colleague sitting opposite you is getting more annoying by the minute.

Yep – it’s time for a coffee break alright and you can hear the comforting sound of the Perk Vending machine serving up someone their choice of drink.

But have you ever stopped to think about what your choice of coffee says about you?

Take a look at our quick guide below:

Café Latte

You like home comforts. You like big warm socks, fluffy pillows and you possibly enjoy the freedom that wearing a onesie allows. You play it safe in life. You know what you like and you stick to it. That doesn’t mean you don’t think about mixing things up a little…. We bet that every time you approach the vending machine a little voice in your head says;

‘Choose something different…

Choose something more exciting…’

But then when it comes to pressing the option on the screen, you have an almost instinctive drink-selection-impulse.

There is nothing wrong with a latte with all that frothy loveliness, but life is short and there’s an ever-growing abundance of coffee options you are missing out on. Do you really want to grow old without knowing the difference between a cortardo and a cappuccino?

so next time, don’t play it safe push the boat out and push a different button… just for once. You never know where this dare-devil attitude will take you after that. It could be the start of something.


You are always in a rush. You don’t have time to stop for coffee but you relish that little caffeine boost a shot of hot, rich dark and delicious coffee gives you. You are an adrenaline junkie. You probably use the word ‘phsyched’ to describe your mood at least once a week if not more. When the heat is on you are not afraid to step up to the mark with your hardworking attitude. We imagine you as a great multi-tasker, walking quickly and purposefully down corridors whilst wearing a Bluetooth headset. We salute you. It’s people like you who make things happen.


Much like the espresso drinker you are always in a rush, but so much so you have never had time to read the name of your chosen drink correctly. You want everything now and you want it fast which is probably why you were drawn to a drink whose very name indicates that it is served in express time… like an express delivery system. You probably always pay extra for next day delivery on your internet purchases don’t you? Yep – you live life in the fast lane alright but you are missing the little details. Just think; if you’ve been mispronouncing ‘espresso’ as ‘expresso’ for the last 10 years, what other things have you’ve missed without realising? Maybe it’s time to slow down.


You are stylish. You wear shoes that hurt and trousers that are uncomfortable because that’s the price one pays for looking good. You like wearing sunglasses and you are probably partial to a European city break every now and then. You like to make greetings more awkward than necessary by going in for not just one BUT TWO kisses on the cheek. We also imagine you are the kind of person who enjoys a motivational quote. Maybe it’s printed on a canvas, maybe it’s on your screensaver, maybe it’s on a keyring – somewhere in your peripheral vision you have phrases such as ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ or ‘turn your cant’s into cans and your dreams into plans’


You are indecisive. Decision making is not your strong point. You spend hours in the supermarket deliberating over whether to go for lemon fresh shower gel or almond milk body wash and we bet whenever you go to a restaurant you always ask the waitress for a few extra minutes to choose from the menu. However you are open minded, fun loving and a real ‘people-person’. You are a good talker and a good listener but you probably waste a lot of time contemplating life’s big questions to which there are no answers… such as ‘What can I taste more? Coffee or chocolate?’ You are a dreamer and your biggest strength is your creative mind.

So there we have it – what your coffee says about you. Now go and get yourself a drink!

by Sara Baillie 18.01.2016